We've been busy and away but wanted to express our appreciation for the ceilidh in Dover last month in celebration of Catherine's 50th birthday.

Booking the Event: I had the pleasure of booking the ceilidh through Chris from Rejigged. Chris sent me all the information I needed to understand what the band could offer and their requirements for the evening. Chris was extremely helpful and gave me full confidence that the band's objective was to shape the evening to meet our needs. A week before the ceilidh, Clare phoned me to discuss the structure of the evening and any specific song requests. This excellent service was carried through to the event as described by Catherine below. (Peter)

At the Ceilidh: The Rejigged band is a delightful group of musicians with a caller, Clare, who is out of this world. Clare is personable and kind, and makes learning a variety of dances fun! With humour and expectation, everyone had a grand time the entire evening - kids, teenagers, families, couples, even a friend’s 80 years young mum in a support chair was welcomed into a dance! With lovely songs, playful energy and a relaxed approach, Clare and the Rejigged band made my 50th birthday a wonderful and memorable occasion. Several of those in attendance, first-timers as well as seasoned ceilidh aficionados, commented on how particularly good the Rejigged band was. Thank you, Rejigged!!! (Catherine)

Peter & Catherine from Dover, Kent.
I always fancied having a Ceilidh for my birthday but wanted the real deal and Rejigged are exactly that! My 60th birthday party had attendees of all ages and musical preferences but that wasn't a problem as the lively band got them on their feet. Claire was our caller and did an excellent job of taking us through the dances and encouraging people to have a go.

There were a few who didn't or couldn't participate in dancing, yet they all said what a fantastic time they had had and thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone else. Guests of all ages said what a wonderful evening they had had and friends are considering booking for a party and me, well, I'd do it all again! Thank you Rejigged Hazel Harper, Egerton, Kent.
We were supposed to celebrate my parents’ Ruby Wedding back in 2020, but as with so many others, our plans were cancelled due to covid. Fast forward 2 years, I decided it was too big a milestone not to celebrate! But after an incredibly disappointing RSVP response from friends and family of my parents, it was all looking pretty hopeless, and I felt angry and upset that people wouldn’t make the effort to come.

At the last minute we downsized from a village hall to my parents’ house/garden. The weather was beautiful, and everything started to fall into place. Rejigged were amazing at adapting with us and set themselves up in a corner by the house, and played for us through the evening as we danced on the grass! The caller, Clare, was an absolute delight and was able to charm most of the guests to join in at least one dance. I am so thankful to the band for making the night so fun and special for us and would recommend them to ANYONE! X Iona Relf with a Ruby Wedding Success
Fabulous band- the music was brilliant. The caller, Claire was kind and her enthusiasm made sure lots of people danced through the night. Lots of laughter through the evening, and those reluctant dancers at the start were soon do-si-doing like pros by the end. Rebecca Levings for All Saints Church Canterbury
Great 70th party last Saturday with the Rejigged Ceilidh Band. All ages enjoyed the dancing . Especially good for the children. Sue and Vic, Tunbridge Wells
Wonderful evening, that went all too quickly. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Can highly recommend Rejigged. Gwen Colley, Hamstreet
Rejigged played at our 30th wedding anniversary and were excellent. The evening was greatly enjoyed by all with everybody from 8 to 80 having lots of fun! It was fantastic to celebrate our special day with live music from the band and dancing with friends and family back together again after so long. This type of social dance was perfect as we had several small groups of people and individuals who didn't know many of their fellow guests but our friendly caller managed to get everybody involved. With thanks again to all at Rejigged for a wonderful evening. Christine Moorhouse, Staplehurst
Rejigged at my 30th birthday party Thank you so much to Rejigged band who absolutely made our birthday party come to life - everyone left with beaming smiles on their faces. The caller had great energy and encouraged us all out onto the dance floor with good humour, even the shy ones got up and danced! The band were really organised and communicated well before the event. We had such fun stomping around the hall that we actually damaged the ceiling of the room below! Great range of tunes and dances, very jolly all round. Would recommend! Florence, Chichester Hall Sandgate
A competent musical band with years of experience in their field. Good communication links and reasonably priced. An excellent evening's entertainment for all ages.

Everyone enjoyed the music provided by Rejigged. Tracey Laws, Bethersden Village hall
Professional adaptable unflappable and friendly nothing was too much trouble. Great musicians as well, got everyone on the floor...... David Hawes, Rochester Dickens Festival