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Rejigged are a 6-piece Ceilidh band in Kent consisting of: caller, fiddle, accordion, flute, guitar, and bass; and have been providing vibrant, exciting dance music for Kent weddings, private parties and social events for many years. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you and your guests have a highly enjoyable and memorable time.

It does not matter whether you’re new to Ceilidh dances or an experienced Barn dancer, we’ve got everything you need for a Ceilidh or Barn dance; from our charismatic fun caller to talented musicians, we provide our own sound system for any size of venue without it being overpowering.

You can rely on us to arrive in good time suitably dressed for the occasion and ready to get your guests up and dancing. We will tailor the evening to your requirements and will discuss timings and arrangements with you well beforehand so that from the minute we arrive you know that we are ready to fit in with your evening and begin playing.

We play a wide variety of Folk tunes for dancing, both original and taken from traditional sources, ideal for Barn dances, English Ceilidhs, Scots ceilidhs and Reeling. We can also offer folk music and instrumental pieces if required.

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Barn Dance at Tenterden Club, Tenterden 22nd June 2024

Dear Chris, Clare & all the BandI just wanted to say thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening helping to celebrate my 60th birthday at Tenterden.At some point everyone got up & had a dance , which is no mean feat, considering some of our ages & ailments. There was much laughter, I am sure you were aware, as trying to call over such a motley gang was an achievement in itself. So thank you Clare for bearing with us.All my guests have left messages saying how much they enjoyed the event & I really cannot recommend your band highly enough.If you want a thoroughly relaxed enjoyable evening then Rejigged should be your very first port of call.I had a barn dance for my 30th & now my 60th. Lets hope we are all still around for my 90th !With love & thanksKay Fitzgerald
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Kay Fitzgerald

Common Questions

Well, let’s get one thing straight - neither of them is line dancing!

Barn dances and ceilidhs are both social dances which are really good fun. Most dances are as couples forming larger sets but you don’t have to come with a partner – anyone can dance with anyone! The main difference is in the repertoire of music: ceilidhs draw on traditional Irish and Scottish tunes whereas a barn dance will have a more English feel and may also include some American tunes. However, there can be heated debates about who had which tune first so there can be quite a crossover at times! Appropriate dances are chosen to go with the tunes. Many of our clients prefer to have a mix of styles to cater for a wide range of tastes.

Absolutely not. Anybody can join in, any age. Half the fun is learning the dances with your friends and family. Our caller will start off with a couple of easy dances to get you going and to gauge the expertise of the dancers for what comes next.

All the dances will be ‘walked’ through by the caller who will give clear instructions; only when the dancers know what they are doing does the band play for the dance. And even then, you are not alone – the caller will continue to call the ‘figures’ for as long as the dancers need.

We usually find 8-10 dances are enough in a typical evening allowing about 15 minutes per dance. This includes the time to get dancers to the floor, arrange the sets, walk through the dance – and then do the dance itself. We play for many popular dances such as Strip the Willow, Cumberland Reel, and Dashing White Sergeant but some dances are specially written by our caller to ring the changes.

You will get quite warm so make sure that you have a layer or two that can be discarded. Ideally soft, flat, slightly grippy shoes are best so if you’re wearing stilettoes to the main event bring some shoes for dancing too – your friends will thank you! If the event is informal then dress for comfort.