We were supposed to celebrate my parents’ Ruby Wedding back in 2020, but as with so many others, our plans were cancelled due to covid. Fast forward 2 years, I decided it was too big a milestone not to celebrate! But after an incredibly disappointing RSVP response from friends and family of my parents, it was all looking pretty hopeless, and I felt angry and upset that people wouldn’t make the effort to come.

At the last minute we downsized from a village hall to my parents’ house/garden. The weather was beautiful, and everything started to fall into place. Rejigged were amazing at adapting with us and set themselves up in a corner by the house, and played for us through the evening as we danced on the grass! The caller, Clare, was an absolute delight and was able to charm most of the guests to join in at least one dance. I am so thankful to the band for making the night so fun and special for us and would recommend them to ANYONE! X Iona Relf with a Ruby Wedding Success