We've been busy and away but wanted to express our appreciation for the ceilidh in Dover last month in celebration of Catherine's 50th birthday.

Booking the Event: I had the pleasure of booking the ceilidh through Chris from Rejigged. Chris sent me all the information I needed to understand what the band could offer and their requirements for the evening. Chris was extremely helpful and gave me full confidence that the band's objective was to shape the evening to meet our needs. A week before the ceilidh, Clare phoned me to discuss the structure of the evening and any specific song requests. This excellent service was carried through to the event as described by Catherine below. (Peter)

At the Ceilidh: The Rejigged band is a delightful group of musicians with a caller, Clare, who is out of this world. Clare is personable and kind, and makes learning a variety of dances fun! With humour and expectation, everyone had a grand time the entire evening - kids, teenagers, families, couples, even a friend’s 80 years young mum in a support chair was welcomed into a dance! With lovely songs, playful energy and a relaxed approach, Clare and the Rejigged band made my 50th birthday a wonderful and memorable occasion. Several of those in attendance, first-timers as well as seasoned ceilidh aficionados, commented on how particularly good the Rejigged band was. Thank you, Rejigged!!! (Catherine)

Peter & Catherine from Dover, Kent.