Welcome to Rejigged

Drawing on decades (!) of experience in Kent bands such as Contraband, Scotch Mist and The Red River Band, Rejigged brings you traditional music to kick off your shoes and dance.

For wedding and birthday celebrations, family parties, corporate events, Burns’ Night and fundraisers, our talented caller will tailor dances to all abilities, even those with two left feet!

Ceilidh Band Kent

What We Do

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Meet the Band

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Get Ready to Dance!

The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue

Cock o' the North

Winster Gallop

This band played at my mother's 70th birthday party. They were excellent. Really accommodating, enthusiastic and friendly. Nearly everyone got up and had a dance, and had great fun (even the self-proclaimed non-dancers). I couldn't recommend them more. Johanna, 70th birthday party

What's Happening?

We are currently developing our repertoire still further, practicing the variety of parts which each instrument must play.  We are working on new musical scores with the excitement of Celtic Jigs and Reels, ideal for scots ceilidhs or Irish Celis, not to forget Barn Dances, all played fast and furious with helpings of energy and excitement ready for dancers.